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Get to know me by taking a meander around the platforms I interact with.


You'll find me in the crypto-twitter section, learning & re-tweeting from the wise ones.


A round up of my past & present work life. We need more non-tech's in web3 so this is where I try to convert them.


BanyanDAO is where I focus most of my growth efforts. We're a very welcoming group of professionals so if you want to 'try a DAO' out, feel free to drop in.


My experiments with blogging web3 style. Hoping to curate the cool things I discover and read each week.


So much to read, so little time. Check out what I'm choosing at the moment.

NFT Gallery (

Showing off the web3 orgs I like or am part of, (plus a few random pieces of art). Desperately seeking a Piwakawaka.